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Simple and easy to use balance forecasting on your iPhone. Add your transactions quickly and correct your balance at any time.

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This App is so good! ★★★★★

  • “Really easy to use, looked at loads of others, but this has all you need. Your income v outgoings and lets you know where you stand on a monthly basis! I will and do recommend! Great App.”

Great App ★★★★★

  • “Brilliant app and so easy to use. Invaluable when on the move, easy to use. Gr8. Very easy to manage several accounts on one handy app.”

Brilliant App ★★★★★

  • “This has really helped me plan going forward, and helped me out of a major hole, Thank you A** I look forward to the new updates to the App.”


Balance Guide makes it easy to see your financial position. With charts and pie charts to show your forecast, account transactions, income vs expenses and category analysis.


With Balance Guide you can see a forecast of your recurring bills and deposits. Plus with the next version a calendar view.

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